Corporate Minutes and Bylaws

The Bylaws of a Corporation are the set of rules governing how the affairs of a corporation will be conducted.

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Ordering Corporate Minutes and Bylaws

With every formation, CorpNet™ provides you with Corporate Minutes and Bylaws documents that you can customize to your needs.

Should you need additional or stand-alone documents, place your order for minutes and bylaws documents customized for your company by calling or using the easy online form.

*CorpNet does not draft Corporate Minutes and Bylaws for Non-profits

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What are Corporate Bylaws?

The Bylaws of a Corporation are a critical document that does not get filed with any state offices but will frequently follow state statutes as a written record of how your company will operate in compliance with state laws.

Typical corporate bylaws will include such things as:

  • The number of directors that will sit on the board
  • Range and power of the directors
  • Date, time, and location for annual meetings of the board
  • How the directors are elected or removed
  • How corporate officers are appointed
  • Officers’ duties and powers
  • Date time and location of annual shareholders meetings
  • Voting rules for both directors and shareholders

The bylaws are formally adopted for the company by the incorporator.

Minutes of Meetings are kept whenever a corporate meeting is held. It is a corporate formality that is required to uphold your corporate entity.

Every action or decision for the company is recorded in the Minutes and typically included are things such as:

  • Type of meeting and logistics – time and place
  • Called by notice or waived
  • Attendance and person keeping the minutes and who chaired
  • All actions taken, such as purchases, elections, etc.
  • Signature of recorder and date

Keeping minutes, even for a one-owner company can help you stand up in court and protect your limited liability shield if needed.

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