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A free guide for incorporating your new business.

Our free guide to incorporation is written by Business Attorneys at This guide answers the common questions about incorporating a new business.

The Free Guide Covers

  • Starting Your Own Business
  • Incorporating Online
  • Common Business Structures
  • Benefits of Incorporating
  • Types of Business Entities
  • Double Taxation
  • Comparing Business Structures
  • Where to Incorporate
  • Steps to Incorporate a business
  • CorpNet Services

About the Guide

The free Incorporation Guide discusses common business structures such as the corporation, the LLC (Limited Liability Company), and Sole Proprietorships. Also, you’ll learn about the benefits of incorporating such as corporate taxation, limited liability and transferability of ownership.

An introduction to the different types of business entities is also presented, comparing the C Corporation, the S Corporation, the LLC, Nonprofit Corporations, and Professional Corporations as well. A table comparing business structures is available for your reference as well.

Near the end of the guide, you’ll find information about “Where to Incorporate”. While you may be familiar with the hype about others who incorporate in Nevada or Form a Corporation in Delaware, presents the honest answer:

If you are starting a small business, the best choice is usually incorporating in your home state.

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