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1. Starting a Business Checklist

A free Guide Written by business attorneys that you can link to or distribute. It’s a perfect startup guide for any small business owner or entrepreneur that may be starting a business.

2. Business Structure Wizard

This easy-to-use free online tool helps small business owners navigate the process of picking the right business structure for their small business. Just answer a series of basic questions about your business and financial plans, and the Business Structure Wizard will recommend the optimal company structure.

3. Business Name Search

Find out if the desired business name is available with CorpNet’s free assistance. Requests can be made via form or via phone.

4. Incorporation Guide

The Incorporation Guide discusses and compares common business structures such as the corporation, the LLC (Limited Liability Company), and Sole Proprietorships.

5. LLC Guide

This guide discusses what an LLC is, its benefits, and why you would need one. It also provides a comparison of LLCs to other options such as C corporations and S corporations.

6. Filing a DBA Guide

This guide addresses the benefits of filing a DBA (fictitious business name), choosing a name for your DBA, DBA filing requirements, as well as when and where to file your DBA.

7. Compliance Portal

A free business compliance and monitoring tool open to any small business owner with a new or existing business that helps you stay on top of the many tedious state filing and fees due throughout the year for your small business.

8. Guide to Getting Press Coverage

This guide provides an introduction to public relations and helps readers develop their own PR strategy designed to attract the attention of journalists, bloggers, and customers.

9. How to Start a Blog

This guide helps readers come up with topics and establish trust with a target audience. It teaches readers how to share blog posts through social media and increase readership. It will even provide information on how to legalize a blog and reduce liability.

10. Meeting Minutes & Templates

And last but not least, we have tons of free templates available for creating meeting minutes and compliance documents. Did we mention they are all free?

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